About K.N.U.G.E

Kirk Nugent Unlimited Global Enterprise LLC. (K.N.U.G.E) is committed to helping ordinary folks create extraordinary lives. We believe that consciousness is the only ‘cause’ and therefore, we are dedicated to raising the consciousness on the planet via the content that we produce and distribute.

We believe that a key desire of every human being is freedom. Freedom from disease, freedom from financial lack, freedom from toxic relationships, freedom of time and location. It is our intention to see every man, woman, and child on this planet prosper, both in spirit and in body.

K.N.U.G.E mission is to create content, programs, and courses that will inspire and foster the spirit of self-awareness, which will ultimately lead to self-actualization and individual freedom. Our four areas of interest are Health, Financial, Relationships, and Mindset (Spirituality.) Our content will target the healing and enhancement of these areas, referred to as The Four Critical Quadrants.

The goal of K.N.U.G.E is to educate the masses through the mediums of inspiration and entertainment. We deliver the tools that will give new meaning and purpose to life. We intend to see all beings fulfilled, self-actualized, and become the most excellent version of themselves while serving the planet and humanity. We have seen too many people struggle to create a life of joy, purpose, meaning, and freedom. They gain mastery in one area (usually business), and then another area suffers (health, relationships, and mental burnout.) 

Because of this human condition, we are creating an environment where people can discover and then pursue their passion. Living a life of freedom, attending their son’s little league games without asking permission from another human being. Attending their daughter’s recital or Tae Kwon Do routine without having to work overtime at a future date. We want to afford everyone the freedom to take a spontaneous trip to Paris or Peru, Thailand or Thaiti, Mexico or Morroco without any negative consequences or repercussions. We deliver the tools that people would need to create a life that they would enjoy rather than endure. In short, we are helping ordinary people create extraordinary lives.

The Sound of Melanin

The Sound of Melanin (TSOM) was designed to address the needs of the black diaspora specifically. Through the TSOM website, we highlight and examine various social, political, spiritual, and relationship challenges faced by the African American community and people of color worldwide.

TSOM is usually addressed from a humorous angle; however, it is designed to foster critical thinking and help members of the black community challenge preconceived notions of how things are and ought to be. 

The Kirk Nugent brand deals exclusively with the spiritual and inspirational aspects of raising consciousness. The content is laser-focused on self-improvement and personal accountability. There you will find Kirk Nugent’s Spiritual Academy filled with online courses designed to lead to self-discovery and empower the soul.